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EST 2019

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Image by Adele Payman

The idea for Brick City Farm was born on a road trip from NJ to Florida in February of 2019. We had just eaten our last steak ever at the time, and wondered innocently "How long does it take from the moment a cow is butchered, until it reaches the local grocery store shelves? Wow. The result of that Internet search, made us want to change the way we ate forever. We decided the results were not appealing and asked ourselves, "Where can we go buy freshly butchered animals for meat?" This idea was inspired by the local, fresh, "animal butchers" or carniceros, that were a dime a dozen back home in urban NJ where we were raised. These shops allowed customers to pick the animal of their choice, and have it dressed while they wait! The research that ensued, showed us that there was no such place that would allow the customer to experience the freshness we had in mind. Brick City Farm was born.

Local restrictions and the fact that BCF exists in a residential agricultural neighborhood, has made us adjust the way we make our products available but it has not changed our commitment to quality. Our chickens are organically fed throughout their whole lives, and are hand raised by our family. Our organic brown eggs are produced by our brood of Rhode Island Reds, Barred Rock, Black Australorp, and Jersey Giant who are dutifully protected by our Bresse Rooster "Brennan".

Always on duty and vigil, our pack of farm dogs do a great job at keeping any un-friendly visitors at bay. Khaleesi, Trapz, Bonez, Gigi and our pack of farm kitties Bagheera, Baloo, Feleesha, and Sheeba keep any animals- from Coyotes to mice, away from our farm.